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Do Moving Companies Store Your Stuff?

Finding a reputable residential moving company that also operates as a storage company is a savvy idea for your next move. Why? Situations that seem arranged can become fluid. You’ll want to have a dependable mover who can safely and securely store your things should this happen to you.

Moving sounds simple enough. Your things get boxed up, they’re loaded onto a truck and unloaded at your destination. But things that seem simple sometimes become complicated due to unforeseen circumstances.

Just sorting through your belongings can take a few weeks. You’ve accumulated a lot more things than you realize. Once you’re standing there assessing an item’s importance, other things come to mind: what you actually need to take with you, what can be given away, and what must be stored.

There are many other reasons why some of your things may need to be stored for a while:

  • You have to be out of your old place days or weeks before you can occupy your new one.
  • You need to repair or renovate your new place before moving in.
  • You have to evacuate your current residence quickly and don’t have a new one yet. This often happens if you’re moving for a new job in a new city.
  • You may not be at your new residence at the same time your movers arrive.

No matter the reason, these are excellent examples of why you should not only hire a full service moving company but find one that has great short term storage options. If you won’t be able to move into your new place for over a month, make sure they offer long term storage as well.

Circumstances can arise to alter move-in dates and you’ll need that in your back pocket as a fail-safe if it does. Professional movers and packers are prepared for these unforeseen events.

They have warehouse storage available for rent so you’re not stuck wondering what to do. It also makes sense to have the company moving your things also store them. It’s a lot less confusion and cost to you.

If you’re a business looking for a commercial moving company, this isn’t just smart, it’s necessary. You’re most likely moving larger pieces of furniture like desks and tables, and digital equipment that needs to be properly stored to avoid damage while it’s being held for you.

A reliable local moving company like Kings Pro Movers provides any type of storage your move requires. You’ll have the convenience, expertise, and package discount by hiring Kings Pro for all your moving needs.

Not sure what your moving needs are? We’ve got you covered. Our experienced team can come to your location and assess every aspect of your move, from furniture disassembly to fragile packing requirements of family heirlooms. With specific information about your new location, we can also calculate any temporary storage needs you may have.

Whether you’re looking for a local moving company or a long-distance moving company, Kings Pro Movers is your capable partner. We’re ready to go when you call.

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