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How Do I Get My House Ready For Movers?

Moving has a lot of well, moving parts. You have to organize what you’re keeping and throwing away. What will you donate or give to friends? There are so many things to organize, whether local or long-distance, that some forget one of the most important things: keeping your mover informed.

Your movers are pros but the process will be faster and easier for everyone involved if you give them some important information before they arrive. Trust us; you’ll be glad you did.

The following tips will help you prepare properly so the move is virtually painless:

  • Boxing your stuff. If you haven’t booked a packing service with your builder, you’ll be doing this yourself. Make sure you use only sturdy boxes that won’t tear or fall apart during the move. It will help you to also have dividers, foam popcorn, bubble wrap, and tape before you begin. Nothing is more annoying than making a packing tape run in the middle of the process.

Digital devices, cords, and electronics as well as clothing and other loose items travel well in larger plastic bins. Mark each box and bin with the contents and which room in your new home it should be placed in upon arrival.

  • Measure your stuff. Professional movers come prepared with tape measures to check if your couch will fit through the front door. To speed things up, measure all your biggest pieces before they arrive. It will save everyone time and aggravation. Let the movers know if there are any issues so they can bring what they need to address any issues.
  • Clear a space. Make sure you have thought about where they can park their big truck. You don’t want to waste time figuring this out on moving day. If you need to move your cars or other vehicles from the driveway, do it before they arrive. If you live in a big city that requires a 24-hour parking permit, make sure to obtain it before moving day.
  • Secure your pets and kids. Unless your children are old enough to lift things and help, hire a babysitter to occupy them while the moving process happens. Everyone will be a lot happier and less stressed.

The same goes for your pets. Nothing is more dangerous than carrying a couch down a flight of stairs with a panicky cat running to and fro. If you have dogs, take them to a pet daycare facility or have a friend who lives somewhere far from you take them for the day. They will be very stressed if they can see a lot of noisy activity happening at your house and they aren’t there to “protect” you.

  • Secure your house. If it’s raining, snowy or icy weather on a moving day, make sure to salt walkways or place down rubber mats to avoid accidents. Put old painting tarps or blankets in doorways to minimize water and mud being tracked in. Hardwood floors should be protected with plastic painting tarps or sheets of plastic that are secured to the floor.
  • Have cash on hand. At the end of moving day, you’ll no doubt be very grateful for the efficiency, service, and professionalism of your movers. Keep cash on hand to tip all the workers and cover the costs of any incidentals they bought to solve issues that popped up. Note: Tipping is not mandatory, of course. But a little goodwill never hurts.

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