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How Much Does It Cost To Have Movers Move You?

Moving to a new home either locally or in another state can be a daunting task. There are many things to plan, the biggest being the moving budget. The first question on everyone’s mind is: how much?

Have the facts at your fingertips before beginning your research. Write a list of how many rooms have pieces you want to be moved. Do you have a furnished basement or bonus room? Don’t forget to count things in the garage or shed. Take note of how many large, heavy items are traveling also.

Knowing what professional movers and packers movers near you charge for their services will help you determine what your overall budget should be.

Whether you need a residential moving company or a commercial moving company, it’s best to research movers in your area to find out how long they have been in business, what their average online rating is with previous customers and their Better Business Bureau ranking.

Depending on the type of move you’re making, how many rooms of furniture are in your house, and where you are moving to all affect the final cost.  In 2021, the added factor of covid-19 precautions may also add to the final tally.

Here are a few examples of costs for various scenarios of local moving and long-distance moving:
Studio  Apartment: local move average $300, long-distance average $1,400

  • Bedroom Apartment: local move average $400, long-distance average $2,000
  • Bedroom Apartment/House: local move average $700, long-distance average $4,000
  • Bedroom Apartment/House: local move average $1,400, long-distance average $6,000

The above figures are estimates and are only meant to give you a rough idea to start with. Your research will help make the figures more accurate.

Of course, your geographical location will also come into play, as large metropolitan areas tend to have a higher cost on all services, but not necessarily that much higher. It will depend on the moving company you hire.

At King Pro Movers, we have dedicated ourselves to integrity and customer service excellence for over 30 years. We are a licensed, insured, and capable full service moving company with a highly-rated team of professional movers and packers.

We also provide warehouse storage for business relocation. For residential clients, we offer both short term storage and long term storage.

At family-owned and operated King Pro Movers there are no hidden fees that pop up to surprise you. When we provide you with our detailed estimate you have our word that no surprise extras will be padded to the bill.

We enjoy a stellar business reputation on Angie’s List and throughout the greater Tampa Area. Our mission from the beginning has been honest, reputable service you can rely on every time you move.

To request a quote for your move with King Pro Movers, feel free tocontact us for your FREE moving estimate. We look forward to moving your family or business safely and securely to your new home.

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