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Labor Only Moving

In addition to our full-service moving charged by the hour, we offer labor-only moving as an alternative to traditional moving services.

Labor Only Moving Services

When you hire a full-service moving company, they arrive with their trucks and begin packing and loading. With labor-only services, our team arrives on-site to provide the manpower you need to complete the job.

If you prefer to pack your things, prepare boxes, and rent your own moving truck, our services can help you complete the work of moving in half the time.

The Advantages of Labor-Only Services

If you are currently planning a residential or commercial move, consider whether labor-only services might be the better option for you:

  • Budget-Friendly – Labor-only moving services save you money on moving costs. By preparing your belongings or commercial goods and equipment for the move in advance, you aren’t going to be charged the same full-service moving fees. You can commonly expect to save between 40% – 60% on your full moving costs by hiring labor-only movers.
  • Service – Our labor-only team knows that customer satisfaction reigns supreme. We are polite, friendly, and helpful. We are there to assist you with your moving needs in any way we can. We work hard and are extremely efficient.
  • Versatility – Labor-only moving services aren’t limited to labor assistance while moving your home or business to a new location. Our services are also available for loading and unloading trucks for warehouses or manufacturers, providing labor for container unloading, or other areas where the extra muscle is needed for clearing.

Learn More About Full Service vs. Labor Only Moving

If you’re not sure which of our services is the best option for your move, contact us today! Our team is waiting to offer you more details and give professional advice.

Can You Hire People Just to Load a Moving Truck?

Whether you are a self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfer or simply looking for an affordable alternative to hiring movers, loading a moving truck may not be as difficult as you had imagined. Hiring the right people to do the job for you is one of the best ways to make sure your items are safely transported. Contact King’s Pro Movers now for your free, no-obligation estimate.

A successful move includes planning, organization, and packing. It also means using the latest in moving technology. This includes the use of apps that can estimate how much your move will cost. The best part is you will have the satisfaction of knowing your belongings are in good hands.

The best way to find out what the going rate for a professional moving company is in your area is to get estimates. You can find these in person or online. They should be able to provide you with information on the cost of a move, as well as the most efficient and effective methods of moving your household goods.

Getting a moving estimate is easy. Many moving companies will have their employees contact you, allowing you to ask questions about the services they offer. They will most likely need information such as the number of stairs you will be climbing, as well as the volume of items you need to move.

Considering that you can hire a moving crew for as little as a few hours, you can save a bundle on a full-service move.

How Much Do Movers Get Tipped?

Depending on your move type and crew, the amount of money you tip movers can vary. Generally, the most generous tip is a cash one. For local moves, the standard amount is $20 to $30 per crew member. For a long-distance move, the amount can be 15% to 20% of the total moving cost.

Some companies will let you tip movers using a credit card. If you choose to do so, make sure you know what the rules of thumb are. Some companies are known for charging extra fees for large bulky items.

A good way to show your appreciation is to offer food or drinks. This is a great way to show movers that you appreciate their hard work. This can be in the form of a sandwich or a cup of coffee.

Another good idea is to leave a positive review online about your experience with the company. Leaving a good review is important if you plan to tip your movers. If you are unhappy with the service you receive, you should avoid retaliating with a sleazy tip.

While it may not be required by law, tipping movers is always a good idea. The best tip is to give movers an equal amount of money for each team member. This will ensure that your money goes to the intended recipient immediately.

Taking a look at the price tag and quality of the movers you hire is a good place to start. Once you have an idea of how much your movers will charge, you can calculate how much you should tip them.

Moving is a task best left to the pros! In the past, you called all your friends to help you but let’s face it; that’s a big ask for a few beers and pizza as a thank you. Hiring professional Tampa movers by the hour saves you a lot of time and hassle without pushing the limits of friendship.

The Benefits of Hiring Our Expert Team

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in the Tampa area move quickly and safely into their new residences. We can help you too! Our team is professional and efficient. We know where to start and how to make your move proceed as smoothly as possible.

Avoid the stress of moving this time by calling us. We’ll save you time and get you settled in without the usual headaches associated with moving.

We’ll also ensure there are no injuries associated with moving those larger items on your own. Our experienced professionals take every precaution to give you a safe, drama-free experience.

We charge by the hour as an advantage to you. Contracted movers may finish quickly but you’re still left with a larger bill. Hiring Tampa movers by the hour means when we complete the job quickly you get a break on the cost.

Our Services

  • Packing – Our team arrives on-site to pack your belongings with care. We understand that your items are important to you or you wouldn’t be taking them along. We know which items need special attention and pack them with extra care. Why be overwhelmed with this daunting job when our team can do it for you?
  • Hauling & Delivering – We offer furniture disassembling services for your larger items and pack them with care. Then our team loads up and brings all your belongings to your new address hassle-free. While you relax, our team brings everything inside and places it where you need it to be.
  • Reassembling furniture – We offer this service because we know what an exhausting event moving can be. Say the word and our team will set your furniture up when we arrive, so you can relax and enjoy your new home.

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