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What Happens When You Hire Movers?

Moving is a task most people don’t look forward to. And your friends don’t either if you always ask them for help. It ranks right up there with taking someone to the airport, right? If you have a move coming up and just can’t summon the willpower for all the planning and menial tasks involved to make it successful, you need to call a mover.

Moving companies are your new hero. Whether you don’t want to move by yourself or for some reason can’t, a professional moving company can take this burden off your list so you can concentrate on getting to know your new neighborhood.

Your local moving company can provide the services you need to make a smooth transition. All the important elements of a successful move can be scheduled, combined in a way that suits your specific move and budget.

Services include:

  • Professional packing. Arguably one of the more tedious things about moving, packing all your belongings, boxing them up, and labeling each box is one of the things moving companies do best. Professional packers can pack your entire home contents if you wish, without you lifting a finger.
  • Packaging supplies. If you don’t mind this part of a move or are still sorting through which things to take and which things to leave behind, your local moving company can provide you with all the boxes, paper, bubble wrap and tape you need so there aren’t any annoying last-minute trips to buy more.
  • Breaking down furniture. Taking tables, beds, and chairs apart for the move is very time-consuming, not to mention exasperating if you aren’t very handy. A moving company can do this for you and make sure all the screws and bolts don’t get lost. They also cover your furniture if needed so things like mirrors and glass tables don’t get broken during the move. They can also assemble everything again upon arrival.
  • Loading the truck. – Professional movers assess all your belongings and how they best fit inside a truck, kind of like being able to solve a Rubik’s Cube. On your own, this task alone could take hours. Those hours are better spent relaxing while the pros handle it.
  • Moving your stuff. – Renting a large truck and navigating it around town or across the country can be intimidating if you’ve never driven one before. Movers have the necessary expertise to get your things to your new location safely.
  • Unloading your stuff. – While this might seem like the easy part, moving is a tiring experience. By the time you reach your destination, this task will seem gargantuan. This is especially true if you have children and pets. Movers handle this task for you while you simply point to the room where everything should go.
  • Cleaning up. – Once everything is placed inside your new home, all the packing materials need to be properly disposed of. Your movers handle this quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to drive it all to the recycling station.

In conclusion, your professional, full service moving company can quickly and expertly take the odious task of moving off your to-do list while you supervise and enjoy your new home. To get more detailed information about all the services Kings Pro Movers can provide, contact us today. One call and we’ll be on our way!

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