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From Boxes to New Beginnings: Mastering the Perfect Long-Distance Move

10 August 2022 admin@main

According to the 2022 Census, long-distance moves are increasing in the U.S. The reasons why aren’t evident in census data, but they are typically to start a new job, reunite with family members, or begin new adventures in a different city. But many aren’t prepared for the logistical problems associated with long-distance moving.

Moving is a complex, stressful process, even when you’re just moving down the street. But when you are embarking on a long-distance move, it becomes even more challenging. At Kings Pro Movers, we’re experts at handling such moves, and we’re here to share some practical tips to make your move as smooth as possible.

What Is a Long Distance Move?

Any move over 100 miles is considered a long-distance move, or if it crosses state lines. Careful planning and organization are necessary to make sure everything proceeds smoothly, and your belongings arrive safely at your new residence.

A List of Long Distance Move Types

Re-locating for work

Moving with kids and pets

Long-distance moving with storage options

Ensuring safe long-distance moving of valuables

Handling plants during a long-distance move

Common Questions About Long Distance Moves

What is the best packing material for long-distance relocation?

To make sure everything survives the long haul, it’s recommended to use high-quality bubble wrap. Secure the edges with strong packing tape and use robust packing boxes. Choose boxes where the items fit snugly inside the box. Too much open space and things will jostle and possibly get damaged.

How do I pack fragile items for long-distance moves?

It’s crucial to wrap fragile items individually with quality packing paper or bubble wrap, secure the edges with tape, and place them snugly inside sturdy boxes.

What are my insurance and protection options?

Your moving company may have insurance options to choose from in addition to any homeowner’s coverage you already have. Be sure to call your insurer to find out if your policy covers moving damages.

Should I create a long-distance moving checklist?

Yes! A comprehensive checklist will help you stay organized and track progress. Listing items in each box and numbering the boxes is also a good idea. You can check each box by number as it arrives inside your new home.

Long Distance Moves Tips and Tricks

Involve the Family

Kids and pets can also take part in the moving process. Let them pack some of their own items and create a “first night essentials” box with pajamas, toiletries, treats, and toys.

Plan in Advance

By scheduling your trip weeks or months ahead of time, you’ll minimize stress and avoid last-minute panic packing.

Secure All Valuables

Pack your essential items separately and keep them with you as you travel. Hard-to-replace items like documents, electronics, phones, and jewelry are good examples.

Organize and Declutter

Moving is the perfect time to purge unused or unnecessary items. Sort through your belongings room by room and donate, sell, or throw away what you no longer need.

Dispose of Packing Materials Responsibly

Cardboard packing boxes and packing paper can easily be recycled. Packing peanuts and other non-recyclables should be disposed of properly. Call a recycling company in your new city to enquire about disposal.


Mastering a long-distance move requires careful planning and support from experienced professionals. Follow your mover’s valuable tips and tricks, start organizing early, and involve the whole family for a successful transition to your new home.

Hire the Right LLong-DistanceMover – Call Us!

Kings Pro Movers has you covered for a stress-free relocation to your new destination! Our team of seasoned professionals specializes in packing and unpacking your treasured belongings for a secure move, local or long distance.

You can trust our expert team to give sound advice on packing, or you can choose to leave that task to us. We meticulously handle the packing and unpacking stage, efficiently load and transport your belongings, and deliver them safe and sound – all while giving you updates along the way.

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Choose Kings Pro Movers as your partner for a smooth and hassle-free long-distance move. We’ll give you the peace of mind you need for this life transition. Contact us today!

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