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How to Move with Your Pet Without Losing Your Mind

10 August 2022 admin@main

If you’re stressed out moving, just imagine how your pet feels. All their comforts and familiar surroundings are being put into boxes and taped shut. And if you have a rescue with a less than happy background, they may even think they’re about to lose their home altogether.

But there are ways you can ease the transition for your pet and reassure them that all will be well without becoming even more stressed out yourself.

Key Tips for Moving with Pets

Learn the Rules

Once you know your new address, gather information about the pet rules and guidelines. There may be vaccinations or quarantine to plan for, especially if you’re moving to an international destination. Doing this will help you avoid being separated from your pet for extended periods.

Prepare Your Pet for the Move

For dogs and cats, this means a comfortable, well-ventilated carrier or car seat with a harness, comfy bedding, portable food, and water bowls, plastic treat containers, toys to distract them, and any medications.

Before You Move, See the Vet

Having a wellness checkup before you move will give you peace of mind. You’ll know they’re fit for the move, and you can ask for any motion sickness or anxiety meds they may need.

Keep Your Normal Routine

If you usually walk your pet in the morning, be sure to take time for it on moving day, and don’t alter meal times. Pets love knowing what will happen and when; sticking to your regular schedule will help keep them calm throughout the process.

Quiet Seclusion on Moving Day

Pick a room as far away from the moving chaos as possible and make a comfortable spot for your pet there. You can ask a friend or family member to stay with them to provide affection and play.

Let Them Explore Your New Home Slowly

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, let your pet sniff around and get familiar with the new space. Make it a priority to situate them in a cozy corner with all their favorite things so they feel more at ease. Be patient as they adjust.

Explore Together

Help your pet make new friends by discovering new dog parks, pet-friendly cafes, and play areas. Find a groomer and a new vet they click with, and their transition will be much easier for both of you.


Moving with your pet doesn’t have to be a mind-blowing hassle. Stay calm, have patience, and remember to give them loads of affection to reassure them as they adapt.

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