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The No-Fail Moving Checklist: How to Move Without Losing Your Mind

10 August 2022 admin@main

Relocating to a new house or apartment is exciting. But with so many things to organize and arrange, it can also become very stressful. Not to worry, our moving checklist will help you avoid pitfalls and have a smooth moving experience.

The Moving Checklist

Make a Plan

Grab a notepad or your laptop and start making a list of all the tasks that must be completed by moving day. Do this as soon as you can. List all the deadlines like utility shutoffs and hook-ups, notifying everyone who needs to know and everything else.

Sort Your Stuff

Before you grab boxes and fill them, go through each room and make a pile to throw out, donate, or take with you. This task will take longer than you realize. We all accumulate more things than we need, and some of them won’t be coming along.

Gather Supplies

Start collecting or buying boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, labels, and markers. Once you’re finished decluttering, you’ll hit the ground running.

Label Everything

We’ve all done it; packed things into a box, telling ourselves we’ll remember what’s inside. But suddenly, it’s sitting there in your new place, and you have no idea where it should go. Label all your boxes clearly with what’s inside and what room it belongs in, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time unpacking.

The Arrival Stuff

Pack a box or backpack with the things you’ll need immediately upon arrival, like important documents, keys to the new place, toiletries and clothes for a few days, phone chargers, a hammer, screwdrivers, duct tape, etc.

The Important Stuff

Contact your utility providers and let them know you’re leaving, and don’t forget to change your address at the post office. Give family members and close friends your new address.

Make a folder with your sensitive personal documents and legal papers, and keep that with you in your car during the move.

Book a Trustworthy Mover

Consult friends and family for references, or simply call Kings Pro Movers, the best, most reliable mover near you.

Call before the move to confirm the date and time of the move. Find out if you need a parking permit at your new place and secure it.


Stay calm throughout the process. Moving is hard, but it isn’t life or death. If everything doesn’t get done, do it the next day.

Still Stressed About Moving? Call the Pros

Remember, even the best-laid plans can use a little backup. That’s where Kings Pro Movers comes in. We’re the experienced professionals who take the stress out of moving, and we pride ourselves on providing top-notch services every time.

Picture this: it’s moving day, and instead of panicking, you’re savoring a fresh cup of coffee while our team gets to work. We’re expertly wrapping your fragile items and loading the truck with impressive precision. Before you know it, you’re settling into your new space—the only thing left is deciding where to display your cherished belongings. Call us, and we’ll make this happen!

Contact Us

Life is too short to stress about moving. Let Kings Pro Movers handle the heavy tasks while you enjoy your new home. Contact our team today for more information or to book your next move.

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